Monday, June 4, 2012

Huntley Youth Sports Organization 5K

On Sunday my husband and son participated in a 5K to benefit the Huntley Youth Sports Organization.  The organization is important to us because our boys played sports in Huntley, Dave coached youth football, and I was on the board of directors of the Huntley Youth Football league for many years.  In fact, Dave and I were part of an 11 member team who brought youth football to Huntley and worked tirelessly to build the organization from scratch. I can't tell you how much candy we've eaten along the way to benefit the various programs!

As our community grew, the sports programs grew as well. Now, instead of everyone being responsible for raising money for their own sport, the Huntley Youth Sports Organization was formed to help raise money for Huntley Youth sports programs.  According to their website, they have donated more than $120,000 to youth sorts since forming in 1999.

David ready to walk, iPod and all

My husband Dave has walked in about 4 or 5 races now and each time he continues to amaze me with his times.  He is a big guy, yet he finishes better than the time before. Dave walked 3.1 miles in 52 minutes! He has inspired me to walk in my first 5K in Green Bay, as I might have mentioned before.  Of course we had a minor problem at the very beginning ~ he forgot his iPod at home so I had to make a mad "dash" (no pun intended) back home to retrieve the much needed iPod.

Nathan finished in 22.5 minutes

Nathan finished his run in 22.5 minutes which was not his personal best, but I think that is pretty darn awesome! He has run many 5K's now and continues to motivate me through his message and actions.  He is looking healthier than he has in a very long time.  He is a very motivating spirit too and I keep telling him he really needs to become a certified personal trainer.  Maybe someday.

They had a child's 1 mile run at Sunday's race as well, even though some children ran the 5K.  They even had a 100 meter dash for the little kids (toddlers!) which I am sure was cute but we didn't stay to watch this year.  Avery should participate next year so we will watch it then.

I would have been ready to walk in Sunday's race, but I know how quickly I went from not having problems with my knees to needing knee surgery and embarking on a year of pain and rehab. I want my first race to be in Lambeau territory and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy it! I was waiting at the finish line though, camera in hand, doing my knee stretches and feeling "itchy" to move.

I am proud of my guys and I am happy they were able to participate in a 5K that raised money for a good cause.

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