Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday thoughts

I just finished my first week of working full time again.  I think I failed the balance it all test.  We had fast food 4 of the 5 nights.  That is NOT good, so I am cooking now for next week so I can keep most of what I earn from this temp job.

The job is for two weeks and it is a voluntary position really.  I am reviewing grants for the Department of Labor.  They pay a small honorarium when it is over but every little bit of money coming in right now helps.

I am enjoying my early forced retirement unemployment sabbatical a lot but I do want to be able to finish paying my bills at the end of the month and not just pay the minimum on my credit cards. Plus, I miss buying Avery things.  I found a link on the Department of Labor website that I am finding interesting.  I will put a link to it on my favorite pages.

I am finding the job market to be overwhelming.  I had decided to write grants but people cannot pay for a grantwriter until they find some money for that.  I want to pursue another direction, one that is not so intense, but provides meaningful work. I need to know I am making a difference.  I am exploring job opportunities in the "green field".  I will keep you posted.

Until then, I will continue to find joy and gratitude in my day through interactions with my family and improving our home after years of letting things slide. It is fun trying to find ways to do things for free, now that I have the time to look.

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