Friday, February 12, 2016

NOW I know why

All month I have been reminded of the fact that I turn 60 this month. Now this is a milestone I have seriously been looking forward to for 4 years. I started January highly motivated to walk my way through 2016, ending this year long celebration walking on the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon, slowly spreading Nik's ashes along a path he always wanted to walk in a state he loved.

However, in January I realized my 10,000 step/day goal was a bit lofty. Not only did I feel an aching swelling behind my left knee, I started feeling intense pain in my right heel. But I kept walking. Then my body started to feel like it was all connected with inflamed tendons. Both knees hurt. My groin, at times, felt like I have a hernia. But I kept walking, only the steps are much less.

Yesterday I felt horrible. I even went to bed early and woke up late this morning. I have my old buddy asthmatic bronchitis back. There is no way in hell I am going to even come close to my new step goal of "anything over 1000 steps/day". I slept for 11 hours last night and missed my doctor appointment this morning!

Now I know why people warned me that turning 60 brings a host of new challenges.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feeling irritated

Well, I have been grounded. Benched. Sidetracked for the moment.

I have had plantar faciitis for about two or three weeks now and even though I cut back on my step goal, it is still not gone and only getting worse. I bought better shoes and I am using inserts. Now the muscles around both knees are swollen (I am sure because I have been favoring my right foot). Until I see my doctor on Friday I have been told to stay off my foot and elevate my legs.

I guess its time to regroup and focus on my upper body.

Except I have tendonitis in both thumbs and forearms. It is so bad at times that I can barely lift a coffee cup without using both hands. I never know when I will pick up the hot cup and lose my grip and drop it, hot coffee and all.

Is this an arthritic flare up? It is winter in northern Illinois so this is usually how my body responds. But normally after slowly easing into the day and warming up my joints and muscles, I can move better. This is different.

Slow and steady wins the race. So slow is how I will go for now.

Slow is irritating.