Monday, February 1, 2016

Sleep apnea

I went to the doctor last week and received interesting news. As if there are not enough things to worry about, now I am told I have mild sleep apnea and severe oxygen deprivation and that during the night my oxygen level drops to 74%; normal oxygen levels fall within 95-100%.

I also found that I gained a pound since I was there in December. I told her that her scale is broken. I fit into my clothes a tad bit better and my scale tells a very different story. I am going with that.

Back to the 74% oxygen level. Apparently during the night I am not getting enough restorative oxygen to feed my muscles and organs. As a result, she said I am at a significant risk for stroke and heart attack. She told me that no matter how well I eat, no matter how much I exercise, and no matter how much medication I take, if my oxygen levels are not improved, I can have a heart attack or stroke.

Well that certainly helps me sleep at night.

She suggested that this is the underlying cause of my muscle pain, daytime fatigue, sleep disturbances, and possibly why it is so hard for me to lose weight. She explained that sleep is the time when the body regenerates. Good sleep (and healthy oxygen levels) is important and when the quality of sleep and oxygen levels are reduced, when muscles and organs do not receive the appropriate amount of oxygen to "feed them" and allow them to restore, the body responds negatively,  Her explanation (much better than my interpretation here) certainly made sense to me.

I am waiting now for a call to receive my cpap machine. She explained to me though that this is not a CURE for sleep apnea, it just helps me breathe better (another band aid) until I lose enough weight.

I told her she better fix her scale then.

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