Monday, April 29, 2013

80 days with Judy

Ok I am back.  I will try to post here at least 4 times a week but not promises.

A lot has happened over the past few months and frankly, I update people on Facebook but my writing has taken a backseat to other things.

First, I am still on sabbatical but the contracts for grant reviewing have started.  I did write for about retirement living, which I know now was in preparation for what I am experiencing with my Mom. I have had to put the job search on hold a bit for another important "job" - more on that in a minute.

Second, and the most joyous part of what has happened in the last few weeks - my first grandson was born. I would like to introduce, Preston Elijah Berndt, born March 27, 2013 - all little man - eats, sleeps, burps and farts, loves his head to be rubbed, and smiles when kissed.

Just as with Avery, you will be updated rather frequently about my adventures as Gramma Gaga only now there will be even more to tell. I am so looking forward to that, and I hope you will enjoy the stories I post here as much as I enjoy living them.

Finally, a few days after Preston was born, on April 6, my father passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by family.  I will share more about the way he chose to live his last few weeks, but until then please go to the blog I set up for him at "My Dad's Health"

Since his death my Mom has been bedridden but not completely caused by the grief of losing her best friend and husband of 57 years.  She needed a knee replacement and had been in the process of scheduling that until my Dad suddenly took a turn for the worse.  The day after my Dad died, she twisted her knee wrong and the hardware in the old replacement loosened so she has not been able to walk.  My brothers lovingly cared for my Dad during the last couple of weeks and then it became my turn to take care of Mom and get her through her surgery.  So far, it has been a hoot trying to balance working a part time contract and running to get her latest "must have now" something. She can't hear but insists she doesn't need hearing aids.  I will refer to this special time with her as "80 days with Judy".  Stay tuned!