Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Healthy hearts

February is heart health month so today I want to introduce you to a product I just found that I really like.

Heart & Hydration is a drink mix that is sold by TruVision Health which also sells the supplements I have been using to nourish my body. Every morning I drink one packet of Heart and Hydration mixed with 20 ounces of water. When I need something sweet I mix one in a 12 oz glass of water over crushed ice.

It's convenient like crystal light but healthier because crystal light provides no health benefits other than lower calories per serving as opposed to other soft drinks.

When I first looked at the cost, I was a little shocked. As an associate I get it for about $40.00/bag of 30 stick packs. Then I broke it down and compared it to the cost of a soft drink and it is cheaper than a diet coke or iced tea purchased at McDonald's. And, it.........
If you would like to try it yourself you can purchase one directly by going to my website at www.elizabethberndt.truvisionhealth.com

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