Monday, June 11, 2012


I feel like I haven't posted in forever so I am sending some updates.

First, I spent two days with Avery last week ~ bonus! She is so much fun right now ~ she has such a cute sense of humor!  She creeped up behind me while I was making a peanut butter/jelly sandwich for her and when I would look around she would move father out of my sight, finally I turned around real quick and she started giggling with the cutest grin!  I guess you had to be there to truly appreciate the moment ~

She is also trying to sing more songs.  While watching the gummy bears video she tried singing ~ just as quickly as the song but the only part she really knew was the repeated words of "Gummy, Gummy, Gummy, Gummy, Gummy bears" Unfortunately, even though she pronounces the hard "G" sound very well when she says Gaga, Grammy, grapes, and gungry (hungry) ~ for Gummy bears it sounds like "Dummy".  Her parents were not as impressed with her new song as I was.  Now I can't get the song out of my head.

Today I have a job!  It will only last 2 weeks and the pay is an honoraium only but it is work! I was so excited I couldn't sleep last night.  The next three weeks are going to be busy, busy again because right after the job ends, Avery comes for her weeklong summer camp at "GramaGaga's Summer Camp for almost 3 year old little girls". That will be fun!

I am continuing with my 5K training but working on strengthening my thigh muscles too so I can walk faster.  I am also adding the treadmill into the routine on those days when it is too hot to walk outside or raining.  I added the treadmill because my sons gave one to us.  Very cool!  I am so blessed.

Finally, I have an INTERVIEW!  And the potential employer knows that I am old! It would be for a part time position so let's keep our fingers crossed that the month of June begins my slow re-entry into the job force again.

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