Tuesday, June 19, 2012


As I mentioned yesterday, the weather is a bit hot and humid here in the Midwest.  Last night was a bad sleeping night between the allergies and the heat. 

Did I mention our air is not working?

Finally my husband said, "I think we should turn the air back on anyway, working a little is better than nothing at all"  Apparently he couldn't sleep either.

It is a beautiful morning now.  It was like this yesterday too.  A breeze, sunny, not too hot.  Later will be miserable again as it is supposed to be 96.

I had an interview last night.  In the interview he explained that his mom had just lost her job after 26 years with the same company.  I am hearing that same message everywhere I go now.  Yet on the news yesterday, the report said that older workers were finding jobs at alarming new rates.  Where?  And what kind of jobs?

Yes, I could probably go to my local McDonald's and get a job, but I have student loans to pay!  I have an education to use!  I want a position where I can apply what I've learned both in college and at my last employments.

I'm not ready to be the Walmart greeter yet.

During the interview, he mentioned the positives of not having full time employment in my life right now ~ like having my Saturdays with Avery, and having a little bit of flexibility if needed.  That certainly speaks to me right now.  I would love working there.  He is a very nice guy and his small, but growing, physical therapy business would be a great atmosphere to work in, and I would be part of an awesome team of professionals. But the money would never be enough to pay my bills, student loans, and put away for retirement.  The reality is, I need full time work for the next 20 years.

So the job hunt continues.  IN the meantime, it is time to market my grant-writing skills.  I figured, if I found one really good client, maybe two or three, I could do that AND the part time job AND have my weekends.  I can live with that.

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