Thursday, June 21, 2012

Want vs need

When you become a parent there are always demands for something; kids want toys, time, to watch TV, play video games, you name it.  At opne point a counselor told us that I needed to help my kids distinguish between wanting something and needing it.  Like, shoes.  Sometimes you need new shoes because you have worn out the only pair you own by using them to stop your bike. Or your feet have grown.  And sometimes needing new shoes is really wanting the latest air jordans (this was a long time ago) when you already own a poair of shoes for every possible event you might have happening in your life.  As a mom who would put her kids needs/wants first, I went from having one pair of black pumps, one pair of cheap flip flops, and one pair of ratty old sneakers when I was a stay at home mom, to a closet full of shoes for every occasion, and then some, after I started working full time.  And even then it took me years to accumulate that many.

There used to be a joke (well I really wasn't joking at the time) around my house that went something like this:

Kid: "Moooooom!  I need a new pair of shoes"
Me (after stumbling over several pairs of shoes of all kinds): "No, you WANT a pair of shoes.  Maybe you should get a job in a shoe store"

Later another son would come along and say, "Moooooom!  My phone broke/I dropped my phone in the toilet/I lost my phone!" (pick one, we have had all scenarieos play out around here many times)
Me: "Maybe you should get a job at the phone store!"

One day, I don't remember what happened but one of the kids mentioned they needed something like a new Mom, and he said, "I KNOW!!! Maybe you should get a job at the MOM store!!!!"

Now you get it kids.

Not very long ago, I was complaining about my stupid cell phone that was irritating the life out of me.  Again.  My oldest son said, without batting an eyelash, "Maybe you should get a job at the phone store".  Each son took his turn reminding me of those words over the course of a couple of months whenever I would complain about something (mostly my stupid cell phone).

Apparently they learned a valuable lesson from me.

Fast forward to now, when I just tried getting a job at the phone store. I want an iPhone.  I definitely don't NEED one, but I WANT one. So I applied at ATT.  But like all the other applications, it will probably float around in cyberspace sitting on a cloud somewhere, stuck in orbit, hoping someone will notice by accident that I am still looking for a job.  Not that I WANT a job.  I NEED one.

I remember when I was much younger, when you applied for jobs you had to walk in and hand someone a resume or fill out a job application in person.  Then you followed up later if you did not hear back.  Now you have to fill out the application and post your resume and cover letter online.  I do this several times a week.  My goal is to apply for 20 jobs a week and I do that.  My problem is, sometimes you know where the main office is and you can follow up.  Most of the time they stipulate, "no phone calls, no personal visits".  In other words, don't call us, we'll call you.

Yesterday I decided to try a different approach.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.  I am not even sure it makes a difference but just in case, I went to the company website and ALSO applied with a personal email to the HR director or whoever the contact person was.

And I will follow up with a phone call anyway. And in July (after my week with Avery) I will start hand delivering a resume packet as well.  Just in case.

I don't WANT to, I NEED to.

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