Monday, June 18, 2012

HOT! In the Midwest

Earlier I was working in my home office and found sweat running down my arms.  My ARMS!  From just sitting here!  It is 95 degrees today and while there is a breeze, it is a warm breeze.  I have Avery coming next week though so I am trying very hard to get my house very clean so I don't have to worry as much about it next week. 

Did I mention our air conditioner is not working? 

I decided to get some vacuuming done and went to the fridge to get it.  It was cool in there but I realized that is not where I keep my vacuum. Yes, the heat has fried my brain. It's not so bad if I am laying directly in front of a fan in a room with a great cross breeze and minimal clothing. But if I want to get anything done in this house right now - I am prepared to sweat.

Thank goodness sweating releases toxins. I can kill two birds with one stone! I am also reacting to something, so I not only have sweat dripping off of my arms when I sit in my house but I am coughing, blowing my nose, and wheezing. I thought I would take some paperwork out on the porch but the wind is kicking up some dust and that just makes me sneeze so I came back in the house.

And started to sweat again.  It is HOT here in the Midwest.

Job hunting is going well and I have an interview this afternoon and one phone interview scheduled for Thursday morning.  I was getting very discouraged last week because I gave myself a deadline of August 15 to have full time employment - with pay.  Preferably very good pay. And hopefully benefits.

I have enjoyed having time to reacquaint myself with my house and de-clutter, paint, and clean.  I am still not done.  I sometimes look around and ask myself, "Just how dirty was this house? And what DID the cleaning lady do?"  I have given away so much, but the more I give away the more I find to give away!


If I am not working yet, I plan to spend July finishing my basement. It is cooler down there, but also dustier. I must finish one major project however before I go back to work and I decided the basement has to be the one.
Sad looking Christmas Corner
I will start with my Christmas Corner. Then, I can have one more "somewhat of a garage sale" to sell everything else I find worth selling, box up what I know is still usable but not worth selling to give away, and toss the rest.  Then I will paint the shelves, wash the windows, have our vents cleaned, change the filters on the furnace, and vacuum and scrub the floor really well. Then, at least I can work knowing one area of my house is basically done. 

In the meantime though I have to finish dusting and vacuuming upstairs in the sauna.

I just might lose 10 pounds this week!

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