Thursday, June 14, 2012

The garden

Working again ~ even though it is just for two weeks ~ is really getting in the way of my gardening.  I went out yesterday to find my pole beans and peas were actually growing up the poles!  I also found the plants to be about 2 inches taller than last seen, and many, many, many more weeks too. 

So I decided I better get the hoe out again.  I moved the hose out of my way and remembered I needed to repair the two little holes I had found the last time I watered.  So I fixed them. I went and turned on the water and heard it spouting all over and thought the tape had not worked.  What I didn't know however, was that someone/thing/critter ate a hole in my hose!  It left teeth marks and everything!

I love critters in my back yard but we need to figure out how to co-exist without one of them eating a hose and the others eating my strawberries.  Yes, three strawberry plants are gone too.  Not dead from lack of water and heat - completely GONE!  And I planted marigolds all around them so the bunnies wouldn't dare tread on sacred strawberry ground.

I have heavy duty chimes out back too, hoping the deter some of the animals and birds.  We think whatever animal it was, it was thirsty.

 I decided to leave water out for them, hoping that whatever creature is thirsty will leave my hose alone.

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