Friday, September 28, 2012

Busy week

It has been busy around here the past few days.  I love Autumn!  Fall brings cooler weather again, and even though I enjoy summer, I am not a fan of humidity. And while the cooler temperature causes my arthritis to flair up again, the rest of the pleasures make up for it. I have learned to manage the pain better, and go through the day accordingly.

It is also the time of year for Pumpkins.  Avery LOVES pumpkins and we play with them, read about them, watch videos of talking pumpkins, and color pictures of them throughout the year. Yesterday I took Avery to the local Pumpkin Farm.  When we took our boys there many years ago, it was your standard farm market with a few attractions and lots of Pumpkins.  Not now!  Goebberts Pumpkin Patch has taken the Pumpkin Farm to a new level and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the two hours Avery and I spent there.

There are two locations, one in Barrington, IL, and the one we went to in Hampshire, IL. Avery and I had taken my husband there last weekend to buy a pumpkin.  That's it.  Maybe to get a picture taken beside a big wooden cutout of an apple or something but mainly to buy her a pumpkin. 

One hour, three pumpkins, two apples, 12 Apple Cider Donuts and one gourd later, we walked out of there exhausted, with a very happy little girl. Since she enjoyed it so much, and we kind of rushed her through the experience, I decided to take her back when I could just watch her enjoy all those pumpkins!

Avery and her Pumpkin Patch

She played on this pile of pumpkins for at least 30 minutes while I snapped pictures and took video.  Her imagination amazes me!
Watching the dinosaur wake up

I had been warned by my daughter-in-law, who had just taken her over the weekend, that Avery would not leave the area of the Dinosaur. 

That's an understatement.
Tickling the dinosaur
The dinosaur played with the kids, burped after eating his pumpkins and then said excuse me, and would come over to the kids on the side to engage them in "discussions".  

This was by far her favorite time of the day.
The face of a happy little girl riding the train

We even took a train ride.  I had forgotten to purchase the train ticket when we came in the main gate.  She didn't care.  She ran and jumped on the train and the engineer walked over to her.  She said "HI!" and I asked if we needed a ticket or could I get one from him.  He said there was no way I was going to get her off that train so I could just pay him.

The people there are amazing and have found a way to entertain their guests in a variety or ways.  Avery and  I still didn't make it over to the big tent with the giraffes and all the other animals, but we did get to play with the baby pigs.  She got to feel their noses and giggled because they tickled.

This is definitely a day experience and I really could have stayed longer but I didn't know how long she would last and she was starting to get tired.  OK - I will admit, after walking around, jumping up and down from straw, hay wagons, firetrucks, and everything else, Gaga was the one who was tired.

I can't wait to take her back.  Thank goodness I have her every Thursday.

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