Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

TODAY is WONDERFUL because I am sick (well that part isn't so wonderful) and I have just laid around most of the day in my WONDERFUL bed or WONDERFUL screened (Sleeping) room and didn't get dressed all day. 

It is also WONDERFUL because I work from home - for so few hours - that I didn't have to notify anyone that I was taking a sick day.

I am glad for the WONDERFUL beautiful weather that I was able to experience while sitting in my screened sleeping room.

Today is also my third day back into my walking routine - and even though I was sick, and not feeling very energetic, I was able to walk on my treadmill thanks to my WONDERFUL sons!

I am thankful for this WONDERFUL Wednesday also because that means that tomorrow is "Take-care-of-Avery Thursday!"

And there is nothing more WONDERFUL to think about than her.

Avery with her WONDERFUL friends - the Rapunzel's

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