Friday, September 14, 2012

My Pinterest Addiction

Yes, it is true.  I can officially say, it has become an addiction.

Last night I was watching the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears (yay Clay Matthews!) and enjoying the game but as soon as half time started, I was at the computer again looking through Pinterest.  It occurred to me that I spend a lot of time on that site but what will I do with everything?

Today I am cooking.  I decided to go through my "Recipes I'd like to Try" folder.  I realized I have a lot of desserts in there but since I am trying to watch my sugar intake I would stick to something healthy. 

I decided to make Krista's Teriyaki Chicken and Rice first, that you can find on her blog "While He was Napping", then maybe I will try the Apple Pie dip and Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips listed on "The Peach Kitchen" blog.

I also chose Zucchini brownies for one of the recipes to try tomorrow with Avery. Yeah, I know, of the three, there are two desserts - but healthy ones.  Monica from the Yummy Life makes her Zucchini brownies with dark chocolate, whole wheat flour (or you can substitute with gluten free flour), and, well, zucchini! So that is a much healthier version of brownies than I normally make. And it will use up some of this zucchini.

As far as the addiction goes, if good things come from it, what is the harm right? If I use the ideas, it is worth the hours I spend on the computer. If I can figure out how to make money from some of those ideas, then that is even better!

But it would be nice to go to "Pinterest Rehab" - a cottage that is in the woods, along a lake, with a fireplace, a soaking tub (preferably near the fireplace and a window that opens), and totally disconnected from phones and cyberspace.

Now that is an idea!

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