Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh what to do?

It's Monday and I am already feeling rushed. I thought by now, not working for so long, I would be bored. The truth is, I'm too busy to be bored. My problem is that while I am unemployed still on sabbatical, on the road to successfully trying to find a new career and purpose, I am dabbling in many things, trying new ideas, trying to find my niche.

It is a process.

It's all about the journey.

My son had suggested finding a career that gave me time for my granddaughter and that certainly is the goal, but I also need to be practical and find a way to earn real money.  Since I am going through this process in my mid 50's, the criteria also needs to include something that I can do in retirement the 2nd retirement for the rest of my life.

I love writing so my new career will include writing.

I enjoy working from home and I have the self discipline to make that work for me. I have a home office, even though I now share that space with Avery, and I am in the process of reorganizing and painting the room so that after 15 years in the same color, the room will look fresher.

I have had time to de-clutter and I have written about that in the past, but I always wondered what to do with special treasures that meant so much to us, that no longer fit in our home.  I am going through that with my Mom now.  She holds on to more than I do,  and what is worse is that she sends some of it home with me. I am implementing a process with her, that I will write about this week. It is hard to part with things that hold so many memories, even if they do sit in a box in the basement.  I have many things - Christmas items - that once belonged to my Grandma that I just couldn't get rid of.  Vintage ornaments that I really don't like, but she loved them, and they were hers, so I held on to them. It's time to take a picture, keep one, and send the others along. That is what I am helping my Mom of do now.

Perhaps I can add that to my list of new career criteria.  I am good at helping others part with their things. 

I enjoy "downsizing" so much now that I look at things through a new lens. I am always wondering if I really need it or if I just find it pretty.  Will it serve a purpose, or if I already own it, does it serve a purpose other than taking up space in a drawer, closet, cabinet or box?

Eliminating extra clutter has it's drawbacks though.  The other day I was looking for a bowl I had for years, only to realize it is now probably in someone elses kitchen because for so long I didn't use it - so I sent it with all the other things that had collected dust for years. Apparently, in a motivated moment I got a little carried away.  I will not replace it though.  It will probably get used a few times and then just end up sitting there again for another several years.

Regardless of where this journey takes me, I must say I am enjoying the ride.

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