Thursday, September 20, 2012

One step forward, two steps back

Sometimes I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back. For example:


I was doing so well with my walking routine over the spring/summer.  Even during the extreme heat I was able to maintain distance and sweat the toxins out of my body. I had lost weight and was feeling really good. I completed a 5K in July and I was seriously considering trying to walk a half-marathon.  In Hawaii.

Then the allergy season set in.  With that came headaches, wheezing, and fatigue. In addition, once the weather started to cool down, my chronic back problem reared it's ugly head - so - for the past few weeks I have walked, but very slowly, and not every day.  I can feel the impact of that decision now because I feel sluggish. I got sick.  I feel irritable and stressed. That is how I felt before I started walking regularly.

This week I decided to get back on the horse (or in this case, treadmill) and get back to my routine again. I know I can count on my training buddy Avery to keep me motivated while I am with her, but I need to find a way to keep myself motivated at home.  Enter Pinterest..........


I mentioned my Pinterest addiction a couple of posts ago. I decided to use that as a motivating factor as well as a way to find "nutritious" recipes and Christmas craft ideas. So I found these pictures......

Pacific Islands
Cook Islands



Princess of the Pacific Islands Barbie
I am going to hang them in front of the treadmill and on the fridge.  If I can't afford to go to Hawaii, I will go to another Island in the Pacific.  This will be my motivation to achieve my weight loss and health goal.

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