Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm baaaaaack......

Yes, I have not blogged on here for several days.  I took some time to organize my craft supplies, finish a couple of projects and apply for a few jobs that I found interesting.  I spent the week cleaning and spent some time with my Mom and Dad and Avery.  Nothing too terribly exciting, but time consuming.

A few posts ago I told you I would be taking my resume off of the major job boards and "taking myself off the market" so to speak. I did that, created the marketing materials for my freelance writing business, and last week began sending them to people.  I asked several people to write recommendations for my work, and was thrilled to get a few. So I am on my way, but realistic that this will take time. Everything worthwhile takes time.

I found out that an old friend moved.  She didn't tell me she was moving, so that is bothering me.  When you leave a job you expect to lose touch with people, but there are a few I really hoped to remain connected to.  I have tried to stay in touch with most, but as time goes on, I hear from them less and less.  But I never expected to learn that someone had moved without even sharing they were planning to. That makes me a little sad.

My Dad went back to the doctor at Northwestern and they confirmed that the new treatment for his cancer is working in the area of the liver they are treating.  The good news is that his liver is still functioning ~ which is surprising given that statistically speaking, once you have been diagnosed with advanced stage liver cancer your liver usually stops functioning, especially as time goes by. The bad news is that in the untreated area of his liver, there were more tumors.  This means the cancer is spreading and they are not sure what is causing that.

My husband has been very ill.  He is not a happy patient, or one that can be considered very compliant. That is putting it mildly, and I think I will leave it at that.

Overall, it was a challenging week. I was even locked out of the apartment by Avery.  Not even three yet and she is letting me know she is in control when I take the dog outside to pee. Thank goodness her Daddy showed up right then so I was really only locked out for a minute.

I must admit, I am feeling a little blue these days. I think I need to get out with people again. I might go hang out at Starbucks (and other places) and hand out my business cards.

I will be writing regularly again.  I have a few ideas for new posts and hope to gain a few more readers as a result.

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