Saturday, October 27, 2012

New baby

Last night, after a long emotionally draining week, I learned that our new little grand baby is a boy. What joyful news.  It snapped me out of my funk immediately.  What is it about babies that makes people happy?  Is it because they represent innocence and hope?  Is it the knowledge that babies smell so good and love you and trust you as long as you feed them, hold them, and change their diapers? Or just that they are so cute and cuddly? I have so much love for my little granddaughter, my heart is swollen and is only going to get bigger.

My husband is happy because it means that another generation of Berndts from his family is guaranteed.  I am happy because as much as I love little girls, I think my son will be a good Daddy to a little boy too.  Actually, I am just praying that he is healthy and happy.

Avery called it a long time ago.  I don't remember what she said exactly, but the implication was that she expected a brother. I am not sure she really knows the difference between what a brother is as opposed to a sister, but she is pretty smart. When I asked Avery the other day if she wanted a brother, she said, "yes".  When I asked her if she wanted a boy she said "yes". Just to be funny, I asked her if she wanted a girl - a sister - she looked at me funny and said "yes".  So I think that means that Avery didn't really care what it was as long as she had a baby. We were changing her babies diaper at the time and talking about the correct position of the baby when we change diapers. She was more concerned with where the "yukkies" were in the "biper".

She will be a huge help to Gaga that is for sure.

I love the idea that if I never have any more grandchildren (lets hope not!) after this next little guy, I will have one of each. For some reason it seems more balanced that way.

I am still worried though, how I will share my time and attention between two.  My heart is certainly big enough but, how will I continue to dance while tossing footballs? Avery will figure it out.....she is a coordinator and leader. I can't wait to see how she figures this out.

I can't wait to meet him. And yes, I am going to buy a football and truck today. Boys can never have too many footballs or trucks.

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