Friday, October 12, 2012

Avon calling!!

So on Tuesday I mentioned that my unemployment checks had stopped, that I felt I had become complacent, and all that. I spent some serious time feeling sorry for myself on Tuesday. And maybe a little time on Wednesday too.

So, I looked at the opportunities in front of me, that I could expand on right away.  Today I am starting with Avon. I never thought of myself as a make-up sales person, and really only started selling Avon because I was familiar with the product, and could get really great prices as a representative.  Then I started getting regular clients and boom - business started to move in a good direction!

I had started a blog on my Avon website last winter. That was before I really new what a blog was or what to do with it.  So that was my first step. Update my Avon blog.

Next, I found my list of customers, old and new, and sent out literature to them with a flyer that if they found a new customer for me that purchased $20.00 or more, they would receive $10 in free products during Campaign 23 as an appreciation for the referral.  In addition to that, if the new customer continued to order for the next 3 campaigns, they would receive another $20.00 in free product to use before February 14.

I am also going to start promoting my Avon website regularly.  If people go to and register, they will have access to great deals and can order from me and have it shipped directly to their house, no matter where they live.  Not that I know people all over the world, but if I did, I could still sell Avon products to them and receive credit for their purchases. It is a greener way to conduct business too, since it cuts down on my gas to deliver everyone's Avon.

Today I am feeling much more hopeful. Life is good.  The sabbatical continues, but in the meantime, let's enjoy "Zack the Singing Beaver" as we get ready for the holidays!

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