Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to basics

I am going to conduct an experiment over the next few weeks.  Out of necessity really.

I received my last unemployment check on Friday. That means there is no more money coming in.

I have been here before and looking back, it wasn't THAT bad.  OK maybe it was at times because I had three little boys.  But now, it is like a new beginning.  Not having unemployment is going to free up some time because:
  1. I no longer have to remember to certify every two weeks
  2. I will not have to monitor my checking account balance because - well - there will be no money coming in
  3. I don't have to track all the job applications I have sent out.
Now, I will live life even more simpler that I have.  I started this blog several months ago with the idea of chronicling my life as an unemployed grandma - on sabbatical.  Why is that so important?  Because it is difficult enough for young people to find good employment right now, but add to that the fact that I am within 10 years of retirement age, (even though there is no way I will retire that early), and I become one of those hard to find a good job older workers.

So while this part is not so glamorous, it is a reality that many others are facing too.

I am not ready to be the "Walmart Greeter." There is nothing wrong with that and it is a job, but I just got my degree 4 years ago.  I have college loans to pay off. That part is the scary part. I now have the degree and the knowledge to do more than say "Welcome to Walmart" or "Would you like fries with that?" I do not mean to sound condescending.  Not at all.  I guess I just believed while I was working so hard for that college degree, that I would be able to use it longer that 2.5 years.

God works in mysterious ways.  There is a reason for this experience and I have yet to understand what it is, but I am keeping my mind and my options open.  I will approach this with the same positive attitude I have had all along (even with a few bad days thrown in for excitement).

I will ask myself, how have others survived?  What can I cut out of our budget now?  What else can we live without? Where can more changes be made? What other burdens can I free myself of now that I have no consistent income? (I do have some, so maybe that is why I am taking this in stride)

Having thought about this a little more, maybe this means it is time to take more risks and move ahead with my plan to write. Knowing I had unemployment to help me through the rough part made me a little complacent I think.  I knew that at least I had that money.  NOW, I need to find more opportunities. So below is my new motto...........

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