Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Each day I stop for a few minutes and reflect about something good.  Sometimes it happens when I least expect to me grateful ~ like right after a negative experience that has me questioning the lesson I am supposed to learn. Or while I am appreciating someone special or thankful for a memory I have just had. Today I am thankful for my screened "porch".  It is WONDERFUL!

My husband asked me last weekend if it was time to take it down and store it for the winter.

WHAAAAAT??????  Take it DOWN?????

"I still sit out there every day!"  I told him, rather disgustedly.

It is still up, but I realize that my days in my backyard screened room "porch" are numbered. Northern Illinois gets awfully cold and snowy and I know I can't leave it up very much longer.  That makes me sad.

I sit out there and write. As a matter of fact, I am out there right now as I write this. Two squirrels are playfully chasing each other and another one is diligently working to find nuts and seeds and store them for winter. A few minutes ago "Chip and Dale" skittered by and of course I couldn't grab my camera fast enough. It's even raining but that's OK ~ I am protected.

Yes, I enjoy sitting in the fresh air, it helps me think clearly. It's peaceful and the thoughts flow easier as a result.

I am glad I purchased the screened "porch".  At some point I will put it away, but until that day comes, I will continue to enjoy the back yard "office" I have created.

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