Thursday, May 3, 2012


The weather we have been having this spring in Illinois is best described as bizarre.  We started a few weeks ago in March with temperatures in the 80's and then it got cold again, then cold and rainy, now warm and rainy. I love days when the morning is warm enough that you don't need a jacket and stays consistently in the low to mid 80's all day. I can spend the whole day outside puttering in the yard, reading on my porch, or walking through the park on days like that. I don't mind rain once a week or so ~ it helps the flowers grow and gives me a chance to catch up inside the house.

What I really enjoy is waking up before dawn and walking outside to smell life as it is just waking up. My husband and I used to take walks at 3:00am.  Yes, I said that right ~ 3:00 AM.  Every day we would wake up and go for our daily 2 ~ 3 mile walk at a time when everyone else was still sleeping.  We would walk right down the middle of the street like we owned the town and nobody would bother us. Well the police interrogated us a few times but other than being detained by the police, nobody else knew we were out there.

It didn't matter what season either.  We walked as long as it was above 0 and the wind child was above 20. We just dressed warmer than we do in the fall, spring and summer. We would love walking during a light snow fall but then it became difficult because of knee and back problems. We just couldn't take the chance of falling. The rest of the year we just had to be careful of our own feet tripping us up. In the summer, after a rain, the air smelled so fresh that you could smell the rain and the grass.  While out in nature early in the morning, it sets the stage for a great start to the day. I love walking by flowers and bushes that have such a strong fragrance that you can breathe, inhaling the aroma that God gives to us.  I miss walking in the middle of the night.

But now I walk during the day and find visual beauty to accompany the fragrance.  Yesterday the park smelled wonderful and while walking along the path breathing deeply, I witnessed a family of baby squirrels frolicking in the plants, climbing trees, and playing in the park like most children do. About a half mile later, I saw a hawk sitting on the fence looking at me while I walked towards him.  It was huge!  He just sat on the fence watching me come closer and closer and the only part that moved was his head as he turned as far as he could, keeping an eye on me, wondering if I could be trusted.

Today I plan to walk, but I will be taking my granddaughter with me.  I am certain we will find even more treasures to admire and she is more than likely going to want to chase after the squirrels. My fear is that someday she will catch one.

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