Sunday, May 20, 2012


This morning I thought I would post a couple of updates ~


I am still looking for the right job ~ I am looking for full time employment that will allow some flexibility with scheduling, utilizes my writing and/or management skills, pays enough to give me a chance to pay all of my bills, including my student loans (which are now in the deferment stage), provides benefits, and doesn't require me to work weekends. Traveling during the week with an OCCASIONAL weekend would be fun.  I have decided my relationship with my young Granddaughter is still too precious to set aside for a career and I like that my son and daughter-in-law accept my assistance. Or I would accept a part time job doing just about anything for now.

Grant Writing

I am writing grants but my main client is a volunteer position.  There are two more in the works. I like writing proposals and organizing a project that is short term and so important to the health of an organization. I have registered with just about every federal agency that provides funding for non-profits.  Hopefully I will get notified soon of a grant review learning opportunity.

Green Bay Packer 5K Walk/Run

I FINALLY found the Packer website updated with current 5K information. While I am still on sabbatical, I am determined to walk this year, so I will be in Green Bay on July 28 participating in the 3rd annual Packer 5K Walk/Run. I am raising money for Arthritis and Diabetes Research.  In case you want to donate - go to  "Walking With a Purpose at ~

Dancing with the Stars

 American Idol
Philip Phillips

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