Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New inspiration

Like most women, from time to time I take my body measurements in addition to stepping on the scale.  Last year, at the beginning of my sabbatical, I took my measurements and set them aside (with a loud groan) and proceeded to spend the rest of the spring, summer, fall, and winter sitting around, icing my knee, looking for employment, and "resting".  Right after my knee replacement surgery, I measured myself again.  Not only had I gained about 15 pounds (on top of another 10 or so throughout the previous year) since losing my job, (6 months before) but I had added about 3 - 4 more inches of "fluff". A little depressing.

After my knee surgery, as I have mentioned before, my wellness plan included rehabilitation for the knee, my diabetes, and arthritis ~ not to mention, my spirit. I began the day after surgery and while I couldn't walk to lose weight during that time, I could pay more attention to what went into my body. 

With the help of my oldest son Nik, who cooked for me and took very good care of me during my recovery period, I was able to begin changing from old unhealthy eating habits to better habits.  My son Nate added his inspirational pep talks and within 3 months, I had lost about 25 pounds or so. Now, 5 months after surgery, after beginning my 5K training plan in April, I am proud to say, I have not only lost 36 pounds (since December) but I have lost between 2 - 6 inches of "fluff" depending on where I measure.  Amazing!

I was just feeling sorry for myself last week. I had had a bad food week, reacted badly to the heat, took a step back (if you will) from my walking to recover from shin splints and heat exhaustion, and complained that for the past month the scale had not gone down any farther.  I had once again hit a plateau. But I knew my clothes fit differently.  I decided to take my measurements again today and while I did gain an inch around my waist, I lost in my hips and elsewhere.  I am sure the 1 inch around my waist was from the milk products consumed over the weekend on our mini-cation to Minnesota for my Godsons graduation and last weeks bad week.

I guess walking really does have benefits even if you don't see the scale go down. This week, my legs are feeling better again and I am re-motivated to "continue on up the road" to conquer the next fitness goal.

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