Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Wow, I have been so busy not doing much for the past two days I thought I better check in with my blog so I don't disappoint my many readers.

I have spent most of the past two days observing birds and squirrels. I say "observing" because I am not usually all that observant. People make fun of me because we will go somewhere and they will be talking about what somebody was wearing or how the house looked a certain way, and I will say, "What do you mean? I didn't notice that!" I am always missing really great clothes or a beautiful kitchen in someones house because I seem to be more concerned with how I am feeling in that environment or with that person.

The turf
This morning I was sitting on my back stoop drinking my morning coffee and reading a James Patterson novel.  Suddenly I heard a commotion in the tree and given that the novel is a murder mystery, my first thought was, "Who is watching me? I am going to die!" Then reality took hold and I realized I was not in any danger, just surrounded by birds and squirrels. Then, paying more attention and looking around, witnessed what one can only describe as a Civil War between the birds and the squirrels. What they were fighting over I am not sure because when everything calmed down, I looked into the tree and didn't see a nest or anything.  Perhaps it was their version of "turf war".

I used to believe that squirrels were these cute little fuzzy tailed creatures that frolicked through the neighborhood running along branches and fences, jumping from fence to tree, to rooftop, to car, to ground ~ having joyous fun along the way. Of course they have always had their share of fun at my expense, digging up my flowers to bury nuts, or climbing into our attic and running around, noisily thumping along the floor.

One day I saw a little squirrel sitting on the birdhouse on my front porch, with both eyes on the bagel I had left on the table next to my chair. Running to answer the phone, I looked outside to see the squirrel with MY bagel in his mouth, running across the driveway, up the tire of my car, and because the bagel was too big, he had to leave it on the tire so he could go get help. I have a picture of that somewhere.  Someday I will find it and hopefully by then I will have a working scanner again so I can post it here as an update. 

Chucky, part of the Squirrel brigade

This morning I witnessed two battles, the first won by the squirrels,the second by the birds.  It was amazing to see squirrels coming from all over the neighborhood to lend support, while birds sat in neighboring trees waiting to be called on. There was a lot of chirping and squawking and fluttering of wings. I was too busy cowering behind my book to capture it on film, but I did take pictures later.

When it was safe.

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