Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Weigh-in Wednesday

Yay!!! I have lost 2 pounds so far.

I am experiencing a minor set-back however as my blood pressure has sky rocketed and so has my blood sugar. I can easily explain the elevation in my blood pressure; I discovered that my blood pressure meds were not refilled automatically so I have not had them for three days now.  That will be corrected today.  I also reviewed my food logs and determined that I have been eating foods high in sodium and more carbs than is healthy for a diabetic with high blood pressure.

Today I will increase my fiber and introduce a protein powder in my smoothies that I am going to make each day for my mid-afternoon snack. I am also going to eat a bigger lunch and a lighter dinner, with raw veges or air-popped popcorn for my evening snack.

And of course, continue to walk my 7000 steps.

Let's see how the next week goes!

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