Sunday, January 17, 2016

TruVision supplements, tea, and oils

There are a number of diets out there that claim to help you lose weight fast and feel better. I know because I have investigated and tried most of them. When my sons were little, I worked at a health food store that I found after I amost died with my third pregnancy and Zack was born with a horrible case of candida. My body was so depleted of vitamins and I was on so many antibiotics that I just passed my health problems onto my little baby. The allergist we were referred to recommended vitamins and supplements and sent me to the health food store with a list.

I quickly found myself on a path of learning the difference between feeding your body and eating. The year I worked at the health food store was the year we were all the healthiest. We ate organic food, drank healthy drinks, took pure vitamins and didn't eat corn syrup and many other foods that promoted the growth of yeast in our bodies. I will write more about Candida and allergies later.

I have chosen to go back to that time when I was feeling the best. I unearthed the books I had collected and found some good websites that discuss nourishing your body, mind, and soul. I was researching pure supplements and along the way found the TruVision Health website, and learned that my cousin sold it. TruVision Health is a company who promotes healthy eating and activity along with taking supplements. Their philosophy was in line with the direction I wanted to take.

I also found teas at the health food store that we drank all the time. Traditional Medicinal Teas have a very tasty brand of teas for many ailments. Most are herbal but some do have caffeine in them. I found that drinking the Gypsy Cold Care, Breathe Easy, and Throat Coat when I had a cold really helped me feel better. So I went to their website and found they have so many more options that I remembered from working at the store.There were shelves and shelves of tea and the owner of the store taught me how certain teas helped to nourish the body by removing toxins and relaxing the body.  She showed me how to create a simple ritual for making tea and drinking it in quiet solitude. She explained that making that time a habit of practicing relaxation was important to improving your health.

In addition, I became a member of Young Living so that I could order essential oils at a wholesale price. I learned about essential oils from a massage therapist I went to for years who helped me learn about managing stress.

I just didn't always practice what I knew to be the best way of managing my stress. Life got in the way and I ventured far away from all that I had learned.  It wasn't until recently that I decided it was time to get back to basics. With my new "tools" (fitbit, blood pressure machine, glucose monitor, and blender), old knowledge (what I previously learned about nutrition and relaxation), and my new habits (smoothies, walking, nourishing my body and soul) I am beginning to understand why it was so important to the owner of that health food store to share her knowledge and skills with her community. She found what worked for her and felt an obligation to share it with others while earning a living for her family.

BTW - I have lost another pound, my blood pressure is back under control (with medication for now), and my blood sugar levels are back where they are supposed to be. I am on the right track.

Still working on those steps though. Sigh......

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