Monday, August 27, 2012

Wow! What a week so far!

Seriously?  It's only MONDAY?

This morning I was going to a new dentist to fix a tooth that has "needed a root canal" for two years. Since it really doesn't hurt, I think it is safe to say I haven't made it a priority.  While getting ready to go to the new dentist, the crown put on within the last year by the old dentist felt very loose.  No problem I thought, I will just have the new lady tighten it.

Well when she went to examine the tooth, she pried a bit with that hook of hers and of course - it came completely off! But not just the crown - the post and all!  She said since the tooth was just worked on recently, the old dentist should really take care of this at no cost to me.  I liked the sound of that until I realized I couldn't get into my old doctor until Wednesday night and the new doctor felt that tooth was my "insurance priority" so she sent me home without tending to the other teeth that took me to the dentist today in the first place!

I hate dentists.  No - I hate the fact that my teeth require enough dentist visits that we end up on a first name basis. I wanted to change dentists only because the old dentist is so expensive and I still have dental work that needs to be completed. I have wanted to change dentists for a year and a half but I was afraid to "hurt the old dentists feelings".  Then one day I woke up and decided - she doesn't care if she hurts MY feelings when I remind her I can't afford $1500 out of my pocket for a crown because I am still not working and she replies, "OH! Well we can take payments or I can wait until the new year!" She said that in March. In the meantime, my teeth get worse, but the good news is that it only costs $500 to have a tooth pulled. 

If that wasn't frustrating enough, I spent 45 minutes talking to a job recruiter today.  Not a typical job recruiter, but one that provides career counseling and access to Executive decision makers from their database of 3 million businesses worldwide. My first question was "What will this cost me because - frankly - I am broke, I am unemployed."

What she said was, "We will get to that shortly." 

What I heard was, "So expensive we can't even talk about cost until we promise you a career transformation that will change your life forever."

The program sounds absolutely wonderful! But so does a week in Hawaii but I can't afford that either and the cost of Hawaii is probably cheaper!

When I told her that she said, "But Hawaii will not guarantee an opportunity to generate enough income to be able to afford several more trips to Hawaii." 

But her program will not necessarily guarantee me a high paying job either.

So it's back to Plan B - minus one tooth until Wednesday night.

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