Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New part time job

Wow!  It just keeps getting longer between posts!  Is this what it will be like when I start working full time again?

Here are a few updates that might explain my lack of presence on this blog for the past few weeks.

Green Bay Packer 5K ~ I did it!  I finished in 57 minutes and I would post a picture but.......the camera couldn't find me.  I think because I am too short.  The good news however, is that I am encouraged now to do another 5K at the end of September.

Job ~I found out that I will be writing 8 blog articles per month for a marketing firm about retirement community living!  I am thrilled to have enough money from this to make my car payment every month!

Avery ~ Someone posted a picture and poem on Facebook that reminded her of Avery and me. I loved it so much, I thought I would put it on here.

Beautiful huh?  And so true........

New website blog ~ Since I am trying to find a job and nothing else seems to be working, I decided to create a new website/blog about me.  It is a website that highlights my career and accomplishments. The idea came when a friend who knew I was interested in writing emailed me and asked if I would help him out by writing a few blog articles. I referred him to my blog so he could get a feel for how I write. That helped me land that job, but it made me think, since I really only had this blog to use as an example of my writing style, I decided maybe I should have something else so that potential employers could see what I have done, work related writing examples, and read more about "Elizabeth the potential employee" and less about "Gramma Gaga". I am still refining many of the pages but it is almost done.  While I am not willing to permanently relocate (read the poem above) I would be willing to be a road warrior as long as I could spend one day per week with my grandchildren. Feel free to check it out at and don't be afraid to offer feedback or comments.  And of course, pass it along to anyone who is an employer, knows an employer, or might know of someone who might someday soon need an employee.

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