Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still looking for a job with benefits

This morning I counted the number of job boards I am registered on. The grand total was 26 and I am sure I have forgotten a few.  Plus, it doesn't count the job boards I quickly learned were not right for me and I canceled. The benefit of job boards is the ability to choose a position and receive daily email "alerts" for jobs in your specific area that you may be interested in applying for. The drawback is that I am not the only one looking for those positions so I am literally one of thousands of people applying for the same job. You diversify by registering for several because employers use different boards to solicit candidates.

I am also registered on the big job search websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Career Builder, and Monster. I have uploaded my new and improved resume with a link to my professional portfolio blog and everything.  I should have several opportunities to secure interviews so I can sell myself.  Right?

True - if I want to accept and process money for an overseas company looking to expand software and consulting in America and Canada. This mornings email suggested I really didn't have to do much, I didn't need to know anything, and they would not ask for money upfront. They went on to explain that if I responded to their email they would have one of their managers give me a quick and competent call back to get more information from me.  All I had to do is process the orders for software and the money the buyers paid.

Who are they kidding?

I also get a lot of "offers" to "own my own insurance franchise" with the "ability to earn $100,000 in the first year alone!" Oh and by the way, there is no base pay to help pay your bills while you re growing your business.

Once I received an email from someone who couldn't even communicate professionally but they heard about me on Monster and think I am very qualified for the job. What was the job?  I read the email several times and I still don't know.

Today, I am removing my resume from Monster and Career Builder.  I don't think they will miss me. I would like to find a job with insurance benefits but in the meantime, I am looking into secondary insurance policies and marketing the work I know I can do proficiently, instead of trying to fit my skills into another employers job description, if that is even the real job description. It's hard to know for sure because I have had a few emails informing me that the job description on Career Builder, that I just took 45 minutes to apply for, is not really accurate.  One person even told me that the job title wasn't the same anymore!

I know my energies can be targeted in a better direction.  I need to focus on building off what I have started, developing new or fine tuning my writing and project management skills and go after those leads.

And find insurance from one of those people who have to start their own business.

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