Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1st Annual Gramma Gaga's Sumer Camp for Little Girls named Avery

So sorry!!  I thought this had been posted already and then I realized I hadn't finished the post because I couldn't get the videos to upload.  I will post it now, and hope they loaded ok!

Remind me to shorten the name of this camp next year.  Here is a brief run down of the week that Avery spent with me while her Mommy and Daddy were in Hawaii.

Avery's Poppy, Gramma, Uncle Chris, Auntie Pennie, Mommy, and Daddy

From what we could tell from the pictures posted on Facebook ~ everybody had a beautiful time in paradise!

These are only two of the many pictures that were posted and this blog post is about the week I had with Avery
Auntie Michaela, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Eric, Auntie Lisa, Uncle Chris, and Auntie Pennie

Playing with her computer in the screened room
Monday ~ Day 1

We started the day off quietly at home and then coming to Gaga's house.  We started off in the screened room where we colored pictures, practiced letters, and read books.  After spending a little time learning and singing, we went to play in the dirt! The Garden....

We collected and then counted rocks, bugs, and weeds. She also ate her first raw pea from the garden. She held it in her mouth for at least 15 minutes. I thought she would finally swallow the pea if I gave her a snack of gummy bears.

When I asked her if she would share with me, she offered me the pea that was in her mouth.

Garden pea in her mouth, garden dirt on her face

She is a very sharing little tot.

Tuesday  ~ Day 2

We spent the morning singing and dancing at home and trying to perfect the art of ponytail making.  I had three boys and while at times their hair got quite long, ponytails were not a part of our routine.  She was so patient with me.

It took me 4 attempts but we finally ended up with this....

Not bad at all!  For lunch she had chicken nuggets.  I think the girl will turn into a nugget.  She dressed up for lunch in her finest party dress and beads. She really LOVES chicken nuggets.....

Yes, that's right, she is kissing her chicken nugget.

I took a lot of pictures of Avery in her party dress.  She looked so cute! Even if her pigtails were beginning to fall out. Finally she said "Gagaaaaaaaa !!  Another picture????"

After lunch we read books and colored pictures.  It was a very hot day so the neighbors asked us if we would like to come over so Avery could swim with their son Braeden.  Shall I say, it was a SPLASH!

She loves swimming and splashing

Wednesday~ Day SIX  3 ......

........was by far the longest day in history. Avery was getting tired of me, and dare I say it? I was just plain tired worn out exhausted by 10am. By 8:30pm Avery was in bed ~ after hours of Gaga counting down until 9:00 ~ and deciding that since she had played really hard all week, 8:30 was bedtime ~ because Gaga said so.

But during the day, we did have a lot of fun too. But at bedtime we quietly sang songs IN her bed, and made finger shadows on the wall. This was the most precious part of that day, and not because it was bedtime, but because she is such a loving little spirit and she had finally talked me into laying down IN her bed, UNDER the blankets, and snuggling for a little while. (Even though Daddy specifically said, "Do not let her talk you into getting into bed with her and sleeping there - well technically I didn't sleep there so it was all good)

Thursday ~ Day 4
Sigh......only 2.5 days left until Mommy and Daddy come home. 

We did chores at Gaga's house.

I hope the video of Avery washing dishes works. It is my first attempt at uploading videos on here.

We also continued to learn about shapes and letters.

Friday ~ Day 5

Silly Day

Saturday ~ 6  

I so enjoyed my time with her.  We learned new songs, words, about new foods, and found new insects. I hope her Mommy and Daddy go away again next year but if not, maybe she can come to stay at my house for a few days.  Every child should have an opportunity to spend alone time with grandparents.

This had to be one of the highlights of the week.  Avery had been swimming with Braedon and suddenly, like all children, an argument broke out.  Watch ~ 

While she enjoyed herself with me, she was very happy to see her parents.  At first she was quiet, maybe because she, like I, knew that our special week had come to a close. After a little while however, she was talking her Daddy into playing their special game of "Git otta here!" when he tosses her onto the bed.

I used that as my cue to leave and she didn't even realize I was gone.

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