Thursday, July 26, 2012

New skills

I am having so much fun! Sabbatical's are a great time to have fun as well as learn new skills and have time to explore new opportunities. Here is a rundown of my activities this past week:

Securing meaningful employment - one blog post at a time 

I haven't posted on this blog for a few days because I have been working.  No, this isn't full time employment with benefits - but it does pay a little money. I am writing blog articles for a marketing firm in Colorado. I am learning so much from the two gentlemen who are teaching me about marketing and writing content.

I also just finished another session of reviewing grants and I'm now writing a grant proposal. In addition, I have decided to do a little creative marketing for myself by developing a professional blog to hold information that highlights my work experience, portfolio samples, and accomplishments in one place without adding more words to my resume. I am also updating my website and marketing materials.


Yes, I succumbed to peer pressure and created a Pinterest Account.  I have had to be disciplined however because this can be addicting! I am now on my way to decorating not one but 2 dream houses and they will both need 12 sides to house all the porches I have found and fell in love with. We won't even discuss the bathrooms I have found.  Can you say MANSION?

Packer 5K Update

Right now it is 57.5 hours until I walk in my first 5K!!!!  So yes, I have been walking and sorta training, but this week between the extreme heat, rain, extra work I have remained close to home and relied on my new treadmill.


Have I told you lately that I have an extremely bright and very beautiful grandchild?  No?? At least not for a few days and I know how much you missed hearing about her.  Well this past week was no different from previous weeks.  Lots of play, many hugs and kisses, dancing and Youtube learning videos (and a few fun movies). Her new favorite activity when we are together is brushing Gaga's hair.  My brain cells have been stimulated as a result.  Not because it requires thought, but because she is still learning to brush gently.  She bangs the brush onto my head and when I quietly moan she giggles and says "Sorry Gaga" (repeatedly).

She also has a new "friend". Our neighbors had a garage sale and she investigated every toy in the free box.  What did she find at the very bottom of the box?  A plastic snake and a squishy rubber caterpillar. (pictured on the left) She fell in love immediately and carried it everywhere until her Mommy thought it was her cousins and left it in Auntie Pennies car.  I looked everywhere for that thing, and she helped!  Finally she remembered that it was in Auntie Pennie's car!  On Saturday night, she reunited with her new friend thanks to Uncle Chris.

I know I promised to post pictures of our first annual "Gaga's Summer Camp for 2.5 year old girls named Avery" and I will.  I will work on that this week - well what's left of it anyway.  Look for those tomorrow morning - or maybe on Monday because tomorrow morning I leave for GREEN BAY!!!!  Packer 5K here I come!


  1. GOOD for you Beth!!! That's excellent you're taking the time to learn new skills. Keeps your mind sharp and it feels good too doesn't it. Sounds like I'll need to talk to YOU when I want to start my own Blog!!!! Keep at it!!


    1. Yes, it DOES feel good! To think that two years ago I was panicking at the thought of trying anything related to technology, and starting a facebook page began because Families ETC needed exposure. Once I learned to figure that out - I started navigating various website design sites, created one for Families ETC (which was updated by the new leadership)and now blogs. I really enjoy doing this too. Thanks for the encouragement!