Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I remember when I was just out of high school looking for a job.  I didn't have a hard time finding work because I really didn't care to start a career.  My career goals at that time included getting married and having kids.  People always asked me what I would do once my kids were grown, and like most girls at that time in their early 20's ~ I felt I had a lot of time to think about it.

As time passed, my kids grew up and started school and when I decided to re-enter the workforce, I was told I needed better skills, a college degree, and more experience. Having three young boys and bills coming out the ears, I felt getting a degree was out of my reach and couldn't figure out how to gain experience and build skills when I couldn't get my foot in the door.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my sons had learning disabilities, depression, etc., and I began to attend meetings that ultimately led me down a path to a new career. During those years I discovered I was passionate about helping other people who were going through the same problems as me.  I developed a set of skills I would never have imagined learning which included blazing new trails for other parents like me. I also found a way to attend college full time while working full time and raising my family. Thanks to online education, I could travel and do my job and never miss a class or chance to post an assignment. The skills I had to learn, the self discipline, dedication, and determination I needed to move along that journey should qualify me for something.  Right?

I never had to look for a job after that.  A new opportunity always presented itself when I was not looking.

I started to complain to my son the other day that I felt my age was preventing me from getting an interview. I explained that I am well networked and even have a twitter account! (Like that really matters or helps) He reminded me that my age is not on my resume ~ it is merely a fear I have. I only need to go back 10 years on the work history section of the applications.  And now I can proudly say I have years of experience.

So why is getting my foot in the door with a company still a problem? Maybe it is time to stop looking so hard and just get out there an volunteer to attend meetings again.

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