Friday, April 27, 2012

5K Update, Part 2

Can you imagine my surprise, not to mention excitement, when I answered the phone and the lady said, "Hello Beth, this is Tammy from the Packers. How ya doin'?" That just sounds so cool! She went on to tell me that the 5K is tentatively set for July 28 and that they have a couple of details to finalize before they post it to the website.  I shared with her my struggle to get healthy, my problems with the knee over the past year, and my fitness goal.  I said not finding the information increased the fear that I was not going to be allowed to fulfill my dream of participating in the PACKER 5K.  That any other 5K would be OK but just not the PACKER 5K.  She laughed and told me not to worry.  She wished me luck and told me that if - in 2 weeks - I still did not see the information confirmed on the website, I should call her back. Personally.

I told my new best friend to say hi to Donald, Clay, and Aaron for me and she said she would.  Oh boy!!

So now I am REEEEEEALLY getting excited and NERVOUS. But mostly excited. Monday the training kicks into high gear.  Well high gear for me, which is lower than most people's low gear.

But seriously, now I need to create a fundraising website so people can donate money for the two causes I will be supporting. I will be raising money for the Arthritis Foundation and Diabetes Association.  I will post the details next week.

My husband at last year's 5K

The field where I will be walking on July 28

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