Saturday, April 21, 2012

5K update

Well, I still do not know when Green Bay is holding the 2012 Packer 5K. In spite of efforts taken earlier in the week, and checking the website daily, I am still holding out hope that one of the people I spoke with was right and banking on the fact that it was held on a Saturday last year, it will be this year as well. So I am planning on July 28 until I find out otherwise.

In the meantime, I am cross training in preparation for the big 5K.  By cross training, I mean lifting, climbing, and running.  Yes, me.  I am lifting boxes, climbing stairs multiple times a day, and running around the house looking for things to get rid of. Don't laugh. I call it moving with a purpose and this time last year, it was difficult to even walk across the room for any purpose.

I am also attempting to learn certain yoga moves.  It makes me laugh to think of how uncoordinated I am and how I almost fall over trying to keep up. I will persist however.

I have discovered that I get bored walking the same route every day.  I love walking in our local park but not every day in the same circle, so I have mapped out my own version of a 5K route with shorter distances that lead up to a little over 3 miles. I have three different 3 mile routes to choose from now so hopefully that will help keep it interesting. I have also downloaded music for my iPod shuffle that are of various lengths and speeds.  Once I have developed the stamina to sustain the whole 3 miles, I will coordinate the music to keep me moving at a certain pace, and start timing myself.  I have always said I just want to finish the 5K and I really don't care if it takes 9 hours. But truth be told, the more I get into this, the more competitive I become with myself.

The other day my son and his wife told me how good I am looking.  They must be proud of the fact that I am consistently taking measures to improve my health.  I may not follow all the rules every day, but I am certainly taking steps each day to accomplish my goal of completing the 5K in July.

Or whenever they have it.

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