Monday, December 17, 2012

It's been a long time comin'

Wow, has it really been this long since I have posted?  I have been busy but still full of so much to say.  I really don't know why I haven't posted on here.  It has been a long couple of months doing things like running to my parents over an hour away to help them, sick with asthmatic bronchitis for several weeks, planning Christmas with very little money (that challenge has been more fun that you can imagine). And of course, looking for a job.

It's amazing how resourceful and creative you can be when you have no income.  Thank God my husband still has his job. But right now I am in a "forced retirement" without social security coming in. It is giving me a glimpse into the future and a chance to practice.  At least I know how comfortable I can be with very little. Just give me my grandchild, good health, my computer and internet, and some books and I am a happy camper!

The only thing that would make it better is living in a very small, quiet town or out in the country (even better). I long for peace and quiet as I age.

I crave being in the country right now. I write better then. Especially if I am by the water. Maybe because I can think more clearly.  I don't know how many pictures I have shared on Facebook lately of my ideal living environment.  Here is just one of many you would find on my Facebook page.

"My" writing cabin
So it is time to return to my writing.  Once the holidays are over I know it will naturally happen again. Look for more adventures of Grandma's Sabbatical in the coming months.

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